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Best knee pads for concrete

Best knee pads for concrete - NoCry

Raino Raasuke |

So, you want to ensure you have the best knee pads for concrete? Wearing knee pads while kneeling on concrete is essential if you want to control pain or swelling. Using knee pads can also prevent the risk of a knee injury over time.  

Read on to find the best knee pads for concrete that suit your needs!

NOCRY Durable Knee Pads for Work

First up and the top recommended knee pad set is the NOCRY Durable Knee Pads for Work. The knee pads provide comfortable, thick foam padding and a soft gel core. 

They are also wrapped in breathable mesh to reduce sweat. For stability and protection, the knee pads feature flat-faced textured knee caps that prevent movement like rolling, slipping, and sliding.  

The Durable Knee Pads have adjustable straps that provide sufficient flex. The straps are about two inches wide, so they don't dig into the back of the knee. 

Each knee pad has two straps that can crisscross at the back or go directly to the polished stainless steel rivets. The buckle can quickly release from the rivet but stays in place from tension. 

They are easy to take on and off and comfortable for all-day use on concrete or a rough surface like wood boards.

NOCRY Thigh Strap Knee Pads

These have a similar design to the Durable Knee Pads for Work. The thick inner padding is also made with two layers of protection against discomfort. 

They feature both foam and gel interiors that protect your knees and provide comfort and padding like a couple of comfy pillows.

The difference is that these knee pads have an adjustable hook-and-loop strap that can wrap tight around your shin and thigh rather than around the back of the knee. These flexible knee pads have a snug fit that is comfortable on the legs and knees.

Twisting straps and buckles that have slid out of place can cause a lot of discomfort, but the placement of the pads and straps on these knee pads prevent that uncomfortable feature.

Klein Tools Knee Pads for Concrete

These feature comfortable and lightweight neoprene fabric and impact-resistant caps. In addition, they have an oversized gel layer and a molded polyurethane foam layer with the tough neoprene fabric as its skin.

The knee pads' outer shell protects the knee on concrete surfaces, and the stabilizing non-slip caps prevent rolling and sliding on a cement floor. They are also strong and grippy, so they can take a shock and help to avoid skidding on surfaces.

They have polished stainless steel rivets and quick-fasten buckles that provide durability. The polished stainless steel reduces the possibility of corrosion, making the product last longer. 

NOCRY Enhanced Hard Caps

The caps of these knee pads are lightweight because they are made with thermoplastic rubber. But they are also highly durable and abrasion resistant, and you won't have to worry about corrosive problems because they are so thick. 

These knee pads have a raised lip that improves stability on any surface, including concrete. That feature also reduces stress on the ankles. In addition, the grooves on the caps improve grip on wet, slippery surfaces, which will prevent rolling. 

These are highly adjustable knee pads too. They come with different lengthed hook and loop straps with similar slider features to the other NOCRY knee pads. After wrapping the straps behind the knee, you simply place the buckles over top of the polished stainless steel rivets. 

If you need to replace the straps with a larger one, you can remove the straps from the existing buckle and slide the new ones in place.

ProKnee Custom Fit Knee Pads

ProKnee designed these knee pads specifically for tile setters and construction workers who are on their knees for the entire day. These are perfect for concrete surfaces or even for setting tile on cement floors. This is the ironman apparatus! 

The ProKnees are shockingly comfortable, strong, and infinitely adjustable. These knee pads are basically longboards that cover your knees and shins.  

They have one-inch foam inserts, and the strap is located well below the knee, so there are no pinching or circulation challenges. There is even a molded pocket for the knees so your leg and knee can seat naturally across the knee boards while distributing the weight of your body.  

You can set these adjustable knee pads to your specific height for maximum comfort. You measure from the floor to the top of your knee and then change the height using the slider features with the setting that matches the measurement.

Another handy feature is that as you sweat and wear out these knee pads over time, you won't have to buy new ones. Instead, all of the parts on these knee pads are replaceable. So, you can purchase replacements as needed.

With all of those features, the knee pads are not lightweight, and they are not in the affordable category either. So if you want them, you might have to choose between knee pads and a car payment. On the other hand, the ProKnee knee pads are so comfortable that you might be fine walking to work on your knees.

ToughBuilt Gelfit Knee Pads

The ToughBuilt knee pads are built to take on the discomfort of harsh work environments, and they will protect your knees from hard cement. They also have a warranty that provides a little more confidence in the brand.  

The gel and foam cushion is designed to embrace the natural shape of your knee and the upper part of your shin. 

ToughBuilt pads aren't as involved as ProKnee's, but they do a similar job in weight distribution for a comfortable fit. Moreover, the knee pads are snug and never rotate off your knee, so you don't have to stress about readjusting them constantly.  

They also have a grippy rounded cap so you can pivot and they'll stay put as you move around. Some folks are fond of the agility and ease of shifting from side to side, but if you are relatively stationary for an extended period, they feel a bit less stable.

ToughBuilt makes a few different versions of this particular knee pad, including a GelFit and a FoamFit. Additionally, if you are worried about scuffing a surface with the knee pad, they even have a non-marring GelFit that prevents scrapes across cement finishes. The non-marring type will be ideal if you are concerned about corrosive problems.

Klein Tools Kneeling Pads

Selecting adjustable knee pads with slider features that won't roll can be tricky. When you keep buying the wrong pair of knee pads, it can make you want to give up and just buy boards instead. 

The weight of boards can be cumbersome, though. Plus, you have to pick it up with all your tools every time you get up from the concrete. 

That's where knee pads come in. These pads come in a standard and a large version. Both utilize a one-inch thick foam that conforms to your knee and springs back when you get off it. So if you stay in one spot for an extended period, a kneeling pad or knee boards may work for you.

Knee Pads Feature Criteria

If you are up and down kneeling on cement for an extended period, you will want to be sure you have the best knee pads for concrete. 

Our criteria are that the best knee pads for kneeling on concrete are durable in their ability to handle abrasive surfaces, provide comfort, and give adequate protection and padding. 

The knee pads should also have a strap and buckle that is easy to put on and doesn't cut off circulation. Polished stainless steel reduces the possibility of corrosive problems, another criterion we look for in metallic parts. See our post on the best knee pads for construction work.


Still have questions? Here are some common queries about knee pads.

How tight should knee pads be?

Knee pads should fit snugly but not be too tight. If you feel tingling in your legs upon standing, it means the knee pads have cut off circulation—which is definitely too tight! So, loosen them a bit but not so much that they won't stay in place.

How do I know my knee pad size?

Use a cloth tape measure and wrap it around the middle point of your kneecap while standing. Ten to 12 inches is extra-small, 12 to 14 inches is small, 14 to 16 inches is medium, 15 to 17 inches is large, and 17 to 20 inches is extra large.

Knee Pad Decision Time

So, which knee pads should you buy? Ultimately it comes down to preference. But we do have a suggestion.

The NOCRY Durable Knee Pads for Work are the best knee pads for concrete because they are both affordable and comfortable. 

They feature a flat cap with rounded edges so you can be stationary but also have some agility. These kneepads are likely the best option for you to comfortably wear all day while working on concrete and other surfaces.