Thigh Strap Knee Pads with Enhanced Hard Cap

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Thigh Strap Knee Pads with Enhanced Hard Cap

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Redesigned outer shell for superior comfort, stability and protection.

Made with TRP, the enhanced cap is lightweight, extremely durable and abrasion resistant. The raised “lip” improves stability and reduces the stress on the ankles. The grooves add improved grip on wet, slippery surfaces. And of course, the thick foam and gel layers cushion the knees for all day comfort.

Re-imagined two-layer strap design keeps your knee pads secure.

The first layer is a thick hook-and-loop strap. On top of it, is an elastic strap with a slip buckle. Together, they wrap around your thigh and shin. This adds stability and keeps your knee pads in place all day: even if you get up and go back down a hundred times. (Each pack comes with extra straps in different sizes!)

Made for the hard working professional searching for the best.

These pads are made for hard work at the construction site, at home, or even in the garden. They’re the smart choice thanks to:

A tough, durable outer shell with non-slip grooves.

Soft, protective foam and gel cushion that keep you comfortable.

Anti-rolling support that reduces stress to your ankles.

The easiest thing you’ll put on (or take off) all day.

Forget about fiddling with your straps each time. You only need to adjust the hook-and-loop and buckle straps the first time you put your knee pads on. After that, you can take them off – and put them back on – in seconds

Designed for the kind of professional work that has you down on your knees. Put your knee protector pads on when you’re tiling, working in construction or carpentry, doing mechanic work, flooring, gardening, cleaning, welding, roofing, hunting or plumbing. You can also wear them when stocking shelves, remodeling or repairing the home.

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