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How do I create an account on your website?

Sign up with your e-mail address here:

How do I log in to my account?

To log in to your account, find the profile icon on the top right corner to log in or follow the link here:

Do I have to sign up to shop on your site?

No. If you do not wish to sign up, you can still place your order with no problem.

I live outside the US, can I still register for an account?

Of course! However, please note that orders from can only be shipped to US.

Order / Payment

Can I cancel or change my order?

One the order has gone through, you can no longer edit it. But our support might be able to. As we are using a third-party warehouse to ship out orders, we may be able to alter your order within a limited timeframe from the moment you placed your order. Once it has been already shipped out by the warehouse, we can no longer change it. Please let our support know as soon as possible if something goes wrong with your order via

Where can I find my past orders?

If you placed your order from under your account, you can see an overview of all your past orders here: If you did not log in before placing your order, you should still have received an order confirmation to your email address. If it is not available for you, please contact our support at We'll help you out!  

I have a product missing. What to do?

Sometimes our warehouses may send out your order in different shipments (if the products in the order are stored in different warehouses). If you do not receive the missing items within couple of days, please let us know at We will gladly assist you!

I never received my order

Please check if you received the tracking link to your email address and what it states there. If you did not receive the tracking or the information there is not sufficient enough, please contact our support at

What are the accepted payment methods?

We support most common payment options: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay and PayPal.

Is there a discount for first time customers?

Yes! If you sign up for our newsletter, you will get 10% off on your first order.

I received an incorrect item, what should I do?

We are sorry to hear that! Please send us a message via email at We will send out the correct product right away.

My discount code is not working

Please make sure that there are no extra letters or spaces copied with the discount code. Also, make sure that the code has not expired or you have not yet already used it. If you still experience issues, please reach our support at

Where can I get an invoice?

You will receive a summary of your order in your email as an order confirmation after purchase. If you need a PDF invoice, contact our support at We will get back to you with the invoice within 24 hours.

My bank charged me extra for my order. Why?

Some banks in the US might charge a small international transaction fee due to our account being in the EU.

I want to return my order

Please send us a message with your order details at and we will try our best to find the most suitable solution to your concern.

I have not received a refund for my order yet

If we already refunded your order, it may take up to 10 business days for the system to process it. However, if you still have not received it after that period, please let us know via, and we will check what could be causing the delay.


How long is the shipping?

It takes 1-2 business days to process and prepare the order to be shipped out, after that, the shipping usually takes 3-5 business days. However, in some more rural areas, it may take courier companies a little longer to deliver.

How can I get a tracking link?

You should receive a tracking link to your email address once the order has been shipped out. If you did not receive it, please contact our support at

To which EU countries do you ship?

At this point, we do not have the necessary logistics set up to ship to EU directly from our website. If you are located in Europe, please visit our Amazon storefront here:

I am located in the UK. How can I order?

Please visit our Amazon storefront for orders in the United Kingdom area here:

Do you ship to Canada?

At this point, we do not have the necessary logistics set up to ship to Canada from our website directly. However, you can easily order from our official Amazon CA storefront here:

It is past the promised 5 days but I still have not received my order

It takes 1-2 business days to process and ship out your order, after that, the shipping usually takes 3-5 business days. However, in some more remote areas, it may take courier companies a little longer to deliver. Please reach out to our support for further assistance.

My order shows as having been delivered, but I haven't received it. What can I do?

Please first check whether your shipping details were entered correctly into your order. If all is well, please check whether any of your household/office/warehouse members accepted the parcel for you. If no success, please drop us a message with your order details at, and we will help you out.

Can I ship an order to a PO-box?

Unfortunately, currently we do not ship to PO boxes due to address verification issues. However, you can get your order to be delivered to PO box when ordering directly from our official Amazon storefront here:


I lost my product manual. Where can I find online user instructions for my product?

No worries, you can find user instructions for NoCry products here: If your product manual is not listed here, please get in touch with the customer care via with your request. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you accept custom orders?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide customized orders at this point. Our products come with our design and NoCry logo as displayed on the product images.

Are your products available in any physical stores?

No. NoCry products are currently only sold via our official website:, and via our storefronts on Amazon.

I have an improvement idea about one of your products, who do I contact?

Fantastic! We would love to hear your thoughts. Please send us a message at, and let's chat.

I lost my charger for the NoCry screwdriver. Do you sell spare chargers?

No. We do not have any spare chargers available for sale, however, please send us a message via, and we will see if we have any remaining stock for your specific model.

Do you still sell NoCry flashlights?

We no longer have production capacity for the NoCry spotlights at this point. Therefore we had to completely discontinue this product.

I can not find any of NoCry's power tools on your website.

We still have some power in our collection. However, they are currently only sold via our official Amazon storefront. You can find them here:


I have an issue with my NoCry electric product. Do I still have a warranty?

Please submit your warranty from here: will get back to you within 24 hours.

How long is the normal warranty for NoCry power tools?

Each NoCry electric product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the period of ONE year from the date of original purchase. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, abuse, altered products, modifications, and products that have been repaired or attempted to be repaired by others than NoCry. At NoCry’s discretion, a defective product will be repaired or replaced. Read more here:

My order was damaged in transit. How do I apply for replacement?

Please send us a message with your order details at, and we will replace it without any hassle.

Do you offer repair under your warranty policy?

As our company is located in Estonia, we do not have any repair services in the US at this point. However, if something happened to your product, send us a message, and we'll help you out!

How do I return a product?

Please send us a message at and we will assist you further.

I ordered wrong size/model. How can I exchange?

Please send us a message at with your order details, and we will replace your product without any hassle.

B2B / Affiliate

Do you offer corporate discounts?

Each product page has bulk order discounts available on our website. As of right now we have yet to set any B2B deals up. Hopefully, in the near future!

I want to be a reseller. How do I proceed?

We do not have a dedicated setup for B2B opportunities just yet. At this point, all orders will go through our website.

Can I open a wholesale account?

All orders will be processed via our website at this point. We are yet to set up any B2B opportunities in the future. From each product page, you can find multipacks order discount options.

I want to become an affiliate. How can I do that?

Great news! Please read more or sign up here: Our team review your application within 5 business days.

How can I register my non-profit for tax exempt purchases?

We are an Estonian company, and all orders on our US website are placed without sales tax being charged. No extra registration is requires, so feel free to continue shopping.


How can I contact customer support?

You can reach out to our support team via email at We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Can I call customer service?

We currently do not have phone support set up. However, we are big fans of written inquiries. Reach out with any questions or concerns via the chatbox below or email, and we will respond within 24 hours. Promise!

Do you have a live chat support?

Not at the moment. We are a small team located in Estonia (other side of the world) with a limited capacity to cover 24/7. But we promise to get back to you in no longer than 24 hours.

Where is NoCry located?

NoCry is a company with HQ located in beautiful Estonia, Northern Europe. You can read more about our story here:

Does NoCry have a physical store somewhere?

Not at the moment. Our products can only be found on our website or on our official Amazon storefronts.