Durable Knee Pads for Work

(31869 reviews)

$ 27.99

$ 27.99
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Durable Knee Pads for Work

(31869 reviews)

$ 27.99

$ 27.99
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Say no to sore, tender knees thanks to the thick foam padding

Experience the ultimate comfort combo: EVA foam padding and a soft gel core, wrapped in breathable 600D polyester mesh and resting on top of a tough-wearing outer shell. The result? A durable, heavy duty knee pad that offers major protection and keeps you comfortable all day long — on concrete floors, wood floors, and all kinds of other surfaces.

Made for the hard working professional

The combination of heavy-weight nylon thread, robust attachment system and hard shells makes these knee pads tough and durable.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, each knee pad evenly distributes the pressure so you can kneel anywhere for extended periods of time.

The flat cap and hard shell protects you from slipping and rolling as you shift on hard or uneven surfaces.

These knee pads stay in place all day long.

Thanks to the adjustable elastic straps, your knee pads won’t slip or slide — even if you’re scrubbing floors, hard at work at one of the construction sites, or getting the job done on other rough surfaces. Just slip this knee pad set on and use the upgraded high quality clips to secure each pad in place. For extra security, you can criss-cross the straps at the back.

Put your knee pads on (or slip them off) in seconds.

Putting your knee pads on — and taking them off — is easy: once adjusted, just attach (or detach!) the clips in seconds and you’re ready to go. But that’s not all — we used extremely durable materials to make our pads the best knee pads they could be. That’s why we upgraded the metal rivets so that each knee pad feels more secure.

No rolling. No slipping. No sliding.
Looking for foam pads with the must-have knee pads feature? You’ve found them. These knee pads keep you stable. Your professional knee pads should work everywhere you are, so we made the abrasion-resistant PVC caps flat at the center and with a specifically textured design to prevent rolling or slipping.

Are these knee pads beneficial?
Short answer, absolutely! A good knee pad can help minimize the pain and impact on your knees, preventing patellar fracture. A kneepad will also protect you from being penetrated by sharp objects like nails. Some soft knee pads for work are also designed to absorb shock from the hard ground floor which can seriously damage your knees over time, by creating a cushion barrier between you and the surface you’re on. And, of course, they keep each knee comfortable.

Built for true professionals and designed for heavy use.
What’s the point of getting the best pair of gel knee pads to wear, if you can’t wear them all the time? That’s why we built these knee pads to withstand heavy use and gave them all the important features. The heavy-duty construction is double-stitched with an extra-strong nylon thread. The 600D polyester mesh breathes for all-day comfort. And the soft gel and thick foam give you the cushion you need to get the job done and decrease the pain and discomfort often created by kneeling.

Use them anywhere, anytime.
Can these construction knee pads be used for… Construction work? Heavy-duty gardening? Carpentry? Stocking? Warehouse work? Work? 100% YES. (Rule of thumb: if it involves kneeling down on concrete, at the construction site or on an uneven surface, these gel knee pads are probably a good idea.)

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