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How to stop knee pads from slipping down

How to stop knee pads from slipping down - NoCry

Raino Raasuke |

Work knee pads are an excellent form of support on construction sites and while completing DIY activities in your own home or garden, but they aren’t going to do you any good if they slide down your legs to your ankles. While finding knee pads that stay in place properly can be a matter of making the right purchase, there are also some methods and techniques you can use to prevent them from sliding down.

We’ve put this article together to give you some tips and tricks on how to wear knee pads for work in a way that will keep them more firmly in place, along with some things to look out for when making a purchase.

Purchase Tips: Look for Straps

Knee pads can come in various styles from sleeved, strapped, and hybrid-style pads, but for the tightest, safest fit, you should always choose an option with good straps. With a good set of clipped, velcro, or tying straps, you can tighten a knee pad more carefully around the shape of your own knee, shin, and calf. This will put the responsibility in your hands and allow you to get a fit that will truly stay in place while remaining comfortable.

Purchase Tips: Padding Matters

A good set of all-day knee pads need to be comfortable and protective, which are two reasons why good padding is so important. Another reason is that the right padding will help a knee pad stay more securely in place. If you’re looking for a set of knee pads that will fit safely and tightly to your leg, then perhaps a set with a malleable gel-padded lining are what you need, as the gel will conform to the shape of your knee better, ideally staying in place more effectively.

But once you’ve got the right pair, you still need to know how to put on knee pads in the right way to keep them as secure as possible.

Wearing Tip: Create Friction

When it comes to wearing knee pads in a way that will keep them steady, friction is your friend. In contact with bare skin, a knee pad is more likely to get sweaty and then slide down the smoother surface, which means wearing long trousers will aid you in keeping your pads in place.

If it’s far too hot for full-length trousers, then consider some longjohns or shin tights to add the degree of friction to help your pads stay put. You should also be mindful of the material and style of the trousers you wear, with baggy cargo pants being a stronger choice than tight polyester tracksuit bottoms.

These tips can be especially useful for different types of knee pads for plumbers.

What Now?

Now that you’re clued up on how to properly search for knee pads and wear them in a way that will help them stay safely in place, you should be confident enough to make a purchase. If you’re in need of some new work knee pads, why not visit NoCry, where we have a wide range of work and DIY-friendly knee pads with different straps and paddings that can suit various different needs.

Happy browsing!