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Roof moss removal: Everything you need to know

Roof moss removal: Everything you need to know - NoCry

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Nothing collects on a roof like moss. In shady areas especially, moss will grow on roofs because of moisture build-up, Nothing collects on a roof like moss growth. In shady areas especially, moss will grow on roofs because of moisture build-up, feeding off the bacteria in tiles and shingles after rainfall. While it may look innocuous, moss can be very bad for roof shingles and tiles, and removing it is generally good practice.

Why is Moss Bad for Shingles and Tiles?

Moss growth is bad for roofing material, like shingles and tiles, as it not only grows due to moisture build-up but it also facilitates it. Moss absorbs a lot of water, which can lead to it exposing your roof’s structure to moisture. When trapped between tiles, moss can force them apart, leaving your roof at risk of structural damage such as wood rot and damp insulation. Similarly, deposits of moss can cause roofing material to degrade, compromising the safety and quality of your roof.

How To Remove Moss From Roof?

There are many ways that you can remove moss from your roof, with the simplest being a spray down with a hose on There are many ways that you can remove moss from your roof, with the simplest moss treatment being a spray down with a hose on medium pressure. When moss is young it can be washed away with ease, but if any roots are left behind then it may grow back, so you have to be diligent in your removal. While you can use simple garden tools, such as trowels and scrapers, there are also countless brushes and guttering tools that have extensions that work reasonably well for removing moss manually, but once again, diligence is key. It’s important to remember to wear good knee protection if you choose to go up on the roof and solve the problem yourself.

How Not to Remove Moss

While a spray down with a garden hose may be an effective moss treatment, it’s definitely not safe to attempt to clean moss with pressure washing. Pressure washing can damage shingles and tiles, causing issues similar to or worse to those caused by a serious moss build-up. There are a number of cleaning chemicals on the market that can be used to disrupt a moss covered roof (more on them later), but harsher substances can damage the roof’s materials, such as the lead flashing and tiles. This can cause staining and discoloration, so it’s safer to hire a professional with access to the right products, or at least to seek them out yourself.

How To Prevent Moss on Your New Roof

Moss isn’t purely born from moisture, with a lack of sunlight and contact with organic materials being a leading cause of Moss isn’t purely born from moisture, with a lack of sunlight and contact with organic materials being a leading cause of moss growth. Trimming back trees that hang near your roof can help to prevent the spread of seeds, twigs, and plant life, while also allowing for more exposure to sunlight. Regular roof and gutter cleaning will alsohelp to prevent the growth of green moss.

What to do if Moss Grows Back

If moss comes back, which it may well do, it’s important to try and get rid of it early. If you allow moss to build up too much before removing it, the spaces it’s filled between your tiles will be left empty, meaning they will settle back in a less uniform matter. Just keep an eye out, and try to solve the problem early.

Roof Moss Removal Cost

The cost of removing moss from your roof is largely what you make it. If you choose to complete the task yourself then the cost could simply be the time it takes to wash the moss off or scrape it away from the roof, while using a moss killer will simply cost the price of the bottle. Professional roof moss removal can cost anywhere between $0.10-$0.75 per square foot, but the exact cost will be calculated based on the parts and labor expended by your hires.

Safety Considerations

Going on the roof can be dangerous, so if you’re set on doing it yourself, make sure someone else is present and that you take special care with your ladder and positioning. Similarly, if you’re going up on the roof it’s important to wear a good pair of knee protector pads, otherwise, you risk straining your joints and picking up scrapes.


How Moss Ruins a Roof?

Moss can ruin a roof’s aesthetic, structural integrity, and even a home’s resale value if the damage is bad enough. However, the risks of moss aren’t that severe, and if it grows to a certain level removal can be even riskier. Before you make any decisions you should always consult a professional.

Should I Remove Moss-Covered Shingles Before I Install a New Roof?

You don’t have to, but it’s good practice. The legal limit of shingle layers allowable on a roof is two, meaning if you re-shingle a roof on top of an older layer of shingles then your next full roof replacement will require a more lengthy removal process and costly repairs. A properly replaced roof will increase the value of your home, so while shingling over moss on the shingles may save money in the short term, a better job is worth more in the long run.

What About Dead Moss?

If the moss on your roof appears dead, then it may well be! In this case, the moss will likely fall off your roof naturally, being blown off by wind and other weather conditions. However, if the sight bothers you, any of the removal methods stated earlier will work even better on dead moss.

What Kills Moss on Roofs? – The Best Options

A good roof moss killer can do wonders for removing moss, and here are some tools to kill moss in liquid form on the market today.

●      Wet and Forget

●      Lilly Miller Moss Out

●      Scotts MossEx 3-in-1 Ready Spray

●      Bonide MossMax Moss, Killer, Ready To Spray

What to Do?

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