3 face mask accessories to maximize comfort

3 face mask accessories to maximize comfort - NoCry

Raino Raasuke |

In the world of the pandemic, face masks have become a common part of everyone’s wardrobe, and even though the country is opening back up many are still choosing to wear them in public places. However, face masks can be a little uncomfortable, whether restricting speech, digging into your nose, or putting pressure on your ears.

We’ve put together this article to describe some of the best accessories for face masks, so you can protect yourself and others, while still remaining comfortable.

1. Mask Accessories: Chains/Lanyards’

Even when out and about wearing a mask, there are likely going to be times when it isn’t being used and you free your mouth up. However, during this time, the mask will usually find itself sitting on your chin or neck, which can be similar to or even more uncomfortable than wearing a mask the normal way. It can put even more pressure on the backs of your ears, along with potentially causing some trouble with breathing. 

With a good mask lanyard or chain, you can wear the mask around your neck, without having the straps tight around the back of your head. Whether you choose a more traditional lanyard or a stylish chain the presence of a mask strap holder should do wonders for your comfort.

2. Mask Accessories: Face Mask Extensions

Face mask extensions are a great way to save your ears the strain of holding a mask throughout the day, while still keeping the mask tight around your face. The best ear savers for masks can come in a variety of styles and fashions, from the fully functional to the kind that you can easily integrate into your outfits.

With a mask tight around your ears all day, you can feel a lot of pressure, with some masks even holding your ears in uncomfortable positions for hours at a time. These face mask holder/extensions wrap around your head to give the straps something else to keep them taut and tight. You can get a stylish headband that will do the job, silicone bands, and more if you feel like your ears could do with a rest.

3. Mask Accessories: Nose Bridge Strips

While the other two mask accessories in this list have been focused on reducing the tightness of a mask, this format is focused on maintaining it. Many masks, while tight around the ears, can suffer from sliding issues, especially down the bridge of your nose. This can be frustrating, as along with the annoyance of wearing a mask all day, you can start to become concerned that it’s not even working effectively.

A nose bridge strip is essentially a metal strip that will contour to the shape of your nose, which you can place on the exterior of your mask to help hold it in place. While these strips aren’t particularly stylish, they do benefit from their versatility, being a great choice for use in other craft projects, along with their functionality with masks.

Final Thoughts

Remember, along with these face masks, a good face shield can also go a long way in guaranteeing your safety moving forward. Hopefully, with this list, you should now have a much better idea of how to increase your comfort and safety when wearing a face mask in your day-to-day life.