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Advanced Cut-Resistant Gloves with Reinforced Fingers for Ultimate Safety


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Color: Grey

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Keep up your pace with enhanced hand safety and comfort:

  • Three-finger reinforced design for focused protection in high-risk areas.
  • Lightweight, breathable elastic build ensures a snug, comfortable fit.
  • High-level cut resistance offers unparalleled hand security.

Technical Details

  • Care instructions: Machine wash on a gentle cycle; air dry for best maintenance
  • Materials: Blend of cut-resistant fabric and stainless steel thread in key areas
  • Size Options: Four different sizes to accommodate diverse hand dimensions
  • Certifications: ANSI A6
  • Designed for: Utilities, Construction, Transportation & Warehousing, Farming & Forestry, Food Processing

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  • Reinforced Fingers

  • Level 5 Resistance

  • Perfect Fit

  • Versatile

  • Washable

About the product

Are they heat resistant?

No, these gloves are not heat-resistant. However, thank you so much for the idea. i have forwarded it to the relevant team. Perhaps in the future, we can offer cut gloves that are heat resistant too. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

Are they food safe?

The NoCry reinforced cut gloves are certified food safe in accordance with EC regulation No.10/2011. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

Do they protect you from paper cuts?

Yes, the cut gloves would protect against paper related cuts. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

Can this be used as fishing gloves to protect against spikes?

While the reinforced gloves will protect your hands from sharp elongated edges, this model is not puncture resistant or puncture proof, so sharp pointed objects such as the end of fish fins might penetrate through them. However, we do offer puncture-resistant work gloves that might be better suited for your needs. You can see them here: Should you have more questions, reach out to us at

Do they come in pair? one right and one left?

Yes. All NoCry gloves are shipped in pairs. Should you have more questions, reach out to us at

Are they also touch screen?

No, these cut gloves are not touchscreen capable. However, we do have another model of cut resistant gloves that come with 3 touchscreen-sensitive fingertips that meet the requirement. Please see the model on the link:
Should you have any more questions, drop us a message at

Customer Reviews

Based on 408 reviews
mimi of 7
Extremely beneficial

I was pleasantly surprised that the medium size glove fit my small hand perfectly. As someone on blood thinners, I am always cautious about potential cuts. This glove gives me peace of mind knowing that I am protected from any major bleeding incidents. I highly recommend them.

Effective utility gloves for initial wear

After trying it out for the first time, I was impressed by the quality, perfect fit, and practicality of this glove for home and garden work.

Springfield VA Dad
Protects Hands During Oyster Shucking

I narrowly escaped severe injuries while shucking 50 oysters thanks to these gloves. While they don't completely eliminate the discomfort of poking your fingers or hands, they do a great job of preventing any cuts or punctures. I'm not sure if it's possible to make them waterproof without sacrificing their tactile feel, but that's the only improvement I could think of.

Impressive and delivers as promised!

At last, a glove that actually fits! I followed their sizing guide and it recommended a size L-Large for me. However, after returning two other brands in size X-Large because they were too small, I decided to try this brand in X-Large. I am thrilled to report that they fit like a dream and are incredibly comfortable. I primarily use them for fishing and handling spiky and sharp-toothed fish such as Grouper, King Mackerel, and Wahoo. If you decide to purchase these gloves, I recommend going up one size larger than your usual.

Matthew Daughtrey
No more thumb mishaps thanks to these!

I almost bit the dust, man. Needed 8 stitches, took 4 weeks to recover, and I still can't feel a thing. But hey, these tools are now must-haves in my kitchen and bathroom.

CutGuard+ - NoCry -


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Keep up your pace with enhanced hand safety and comfort:


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