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The 3 best woodworking safety glasses for 2022

The 3 best woodworking safety glasses for 2022 - NoCry

Raino Raasuke |

When handling wood there are a number of hazards that your eyes can come into contact with. Whether it’s a plume of sawdust, a piece of flying debris, or the fumes coming off a certain wood treatment, you need to protect your eyes properly. Woodworking goggles can be a little bit chunky and uncomfortable, which is why we suggest a good pair of woodworking glasses as an alternative.

However, not all carpenter glasses will offer the same levels of protection, which is why we’ve collated this list of the best safety glasses for woodworking for you to peruse, in the hopes that you can find the right pair for you. 

Comfortable Woodworking Safety Glasses: Pyramex Endeavor

These ANSI Z87+ compliant glasses are a great choice for woodworking, offering comprehensive protection for the eyes, while still remaining comfortable to wear. They’re good for minimizing the quantities of dust that can make it into your eyes, being insulated with silicone at various points to ensure their tightness and efficacy from every angle. The lenses also offer UV protection, while the nose pads make this one of the more comfortable options on the market.

Woodworking Safety Glasses for Sanding: DEWALT Concealer

We consider these some of the best safety glasses for sanding on the market, likely due to the fact that they occupy a space somewhere between goggles and glasses. While not as chunky and thick as typical goggles, these glasses still utilize the elastic strap rather than a pair of temples to keep them stably in place. They fit tight around your eyes and can even fit over traditional glasses, while featuring anti-fog lenses and ventilation, making them a great choice to wear whilst sanding.

Woodworking Safety Glasses for Prescription Wearers: NoCry Over Glasses

These are some of the best safety glasses for carpenters who are already wearing their prescription spectacles, being designed specifically for the sake of fitting over traditional glasses. Along with this benefit, they’re also ANSI Z87.1 certified for scratch resistance, they feature wraparound lenses to protect you from multiple angles, have adjustable/extendable arms for maximum comfort, and even block out 90-100% of UV radiation, making them a great choice for any vision-impaired workmen.

Woodworking Safety Glasses: Final Thoughts

When it comes to sourcing the right pair of woodworking glasses, there are things that you should keep an eye out for (no pun intended).

A good pair of woodworking safety glasses should feature:

  • A good degree of scratch resistance – preferably ANSI Z87+ certified
  • Some UV protection – especially important for outdoor workers
  • Adjustability for comfort – look out for extendable temples/arms, etc.
  • Good lens coverage – look for terms like “wraparound lenses”
  • Insulation – especially important if sanding/sawing to reduce dust exposure

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you feel more confident when searching for a pair of woodworking glasses to take to work with you for the foreseeable future. If you’re still struggling to find a pair that suit you, check out the range of a trusted brand, and you should be able to see something that you like.