Cut Resistant Kids Gloves

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Cut Resistant Kids Gloves

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Technical Details

Product Details

4x Stronger than Leather
100% Food Safe
Machine Washable / Reusable
Polyethylene, Spandex, Fiberglass
Special Feature:
Ambidextrous, Abrasion Resistant, Dishwasher Safe, Cut Resistant
Material Type:
Made of food safe ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, glass fibre and spandex
* These gloves are cut RESISTANT, not cut or puncture PROOF.
 Work as carefully while wearing the gloves as if you wouldn’t be wearing them at all – better to be safe than sorry.

NB! We stand behind every product we make. If the NoCry anti cut gloves do not work or fit as promised, drop a message to and we’ll make it right or your money back.


Product Description

✔ They're actually safe

Food grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, glass fiber & Spandex combo makes these gloves 4x stronger than leather to resist cuts* from even the sharpest of hand-held blades, reducing the likelihood of sustaining a serious injury if accidents do happen. Level 5, EN388 certified.

✔ They're specially designed for smaller hands.

Being the first anti cut gloves for kitchen made for kids on the market, they're the safest and best-fitting choice for a family cook-off with kids (including relatives with small hands).

✔ They're the snuggest cut protection gloves out there.

Loose-fitting kids gloves can easily catch the blade. Thanks to the light, ultra-thin and elastic material, these have none of the bulk found in similar gloves on the market, increasing safety.

 They’re ambidextrous.
There are better ways to spend your and your kid’s time than figuring out which cut protection gloves go on which hand, so we’ve made these ones ambidextrous. Problem solved. Next?

Can you use them for… Chopping? Slicing? Grating? Peeling? Wood carving? Working with scissors? Teaching carpentry? Crafting? Sewing? Fishing? 100% YES.

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