6-in-1 Comprehensive Chainsaw Safety Helmet with Advanced Protection


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Color: Orange

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Gear up with confidence for any heavy-duty task:

  • All-in-one forestry helmet featuring a hard hat, metal mesh visor, polycarbonate face shield, and 25.9 dB SNR ear muffs.
  • Balances safety, practicality, and comfort, perfect for tree cutting, firewood chopping, and brush clearing.
  • Versatile for various tasks beyond forestry, including DIY work and outdoor landscaping projects.

        Technical Details

        • Care instructions: Regularly clean with a soft, damp cloth; ensure dry storage
        • Materials: Robust helmet with metal mesh and polycarbonate visors, and noise-reducing ear muffs
        • Adjustability: Customizable headband for head sizes 21.2 in to 24.4 in, with adjustable visor angles and ear muff positions
        • Certifications: ANSI Z87.1-2015
        • Designed for: Utilities, Farming & Forestry

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        • Comprehensive Protection

        • Glasses/Mask Fit

        • Outdoor Versatility

        • Adjustable Fit

        • Safety Tested

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 643 reviews
        Rob D
        Perfect Match

        I absolutely had to acquire this item. While utilizing an extended pruner to trim branches, I encountered a situation where branches were tumbling down. Thankfully, I obtained this product just in time, as a branch unexpectedly struck me on the head. I am truly grateful for having this item in my possession. Surprisingly, the ear muffs fit exceptionally well, surpassing my initial expectations. I had anticipated them to be loose, but they proved to be snug and secure. During my usage, I opted for the mesh screen. However, I must advise caution when employing the screen, particularly as the sun begins to set. Visibility becomes increasingly challenging, so it is crucial to prioritize safety. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend this exceptional product.

        More suited for Halloween dress-up

        This helmet seems more fitting for a Halloween ensemble rather than a reliable safety gear. The ear muffs experienced a malfunction right from the start, rendering them ineffective. In general, it gives off an impression of being a poorly made product with cheap plastic components.

        Bryan R
        Faulty packaging led to product return.

        The product appeared to match the description, but unfortunately, I had to initiate a return due to inadequate packaging. The mesh face shield caused significant damage to the clear face shield right in my line of sight. While the clear face shield did have a protective coating on the side facing the bottom of the box, there was no safeguard for the side facing the mesh shield. Consequently, the poor packaging led to deep scratches. It's a shame because the item seemed to be of high quality. I'll give it another shot and hope for the best. Keeping my fingers crossed!

        Pleasantly Impressed

        excellent bang for your buck

        Assembled to Perfection

        This assembly is absolutely chaotic, and the earpiece is incredibly stubborn to flip out. Would I even consider purchasing this again? Absolutely not.


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        Gear up with confidence for any heavy-duty task:



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