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LiteArmor Visors

5-Pack Reusable Visors for NoCry Light-Duty Safety Face Shield


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Stay protected and clear-sighted with these essential visor replacements:

  • 5-pack of clear spare plastic visors, specifically designed for the NoCry LiteArmor face shield.
  • Maintain clear vision all day with transparent, high-quality visors, ensuring safety and clarity.
  • Versatile for professional and personal use, offering reliable face protection for a variety of activities.

            Technical Details

            • Care instructions: Easily detachable for cleaning with soap and water or disinfection with diluted alcohol
            • Materials: Lightweight yet durable clear polycarbonate
            • Compatibility: Exclusively made for use with the NoCry LiteArmor face shield
            • Visibility: Transparent design to ensure unobstructed vision during use
            • Desiged for: Manufacturing, Lab work

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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 88 reviews

            I found these face shields to be a bit cloudy and not perfectly clear. They get the job done, but I wish I didn't have to clean them with Windex before using them.

            Hazy protection!

            I previously purchased one of these products, though I'm uncertain if it was from the same seller. It functioned exceptionally well until I unfortunately misplaced one of the screws. 😁 Consequently, I made the decision to acquire a replacement. The headgear itself is quite impressive, but regrettably, the shield tends to be excessively hazy! It's akin to peering through a gentle mist, which proves to be quite bothersome during my night shifts when clarity is crucial in my patients' rooms. 😑 Apart from this issue, I would have easily awarded it a perfect 5-star rating. 🤷🏾‍♀️

            Excessively hazy

            Extremely challenging to perceive and excessively hazy—this purchase is definitely not on my radar for the future.

            Linda C

            Pleasantly satisfied with the continued presence.

            Nancy Wofford
            Fantastic item

            I must say, I find it quite appealing.

            LiteArmor Visors

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            Stay protected and clear-sighted with these essential visor replacements:


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