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FaceArmor Pro

High-Impact, Professional Grade Safety Face Shield with UV Protection

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Work confidently with cutting-edge features:

  • Curved polycarbonate visor offers all-round face protection, enhanced with anti-fog and anti-scratch features.
  • Robust and ANSI Z87.1 certified, this shield is ideal for heavy-duty industrial and outdoor use, providing UV385nm protection.
  • Customizable, stable headgear ensures a comfortable fit for a wide range of head sizes.

    Technical Details

    • Care instructions: Clean gently with a soft, damp cloth to preserve the anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings
    • Materials: Durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate with UV385nm protection
    • Headgear: Fully adjustable with a ratchet knob, fitting head circumferences between 20.5in and 25.6in
    • Extras: Equipped with 3 additional sweatbands for enhanced comfort during prolonged use
    • Certifications: ANSI Z87.1
    • Designed for: Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing

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    • Impact-Resistant Visor

    • UV385nm Protection

    • Adjustable Headgear

    • Extra Sweatbands

    • Multipurpose

    About the product

    How can i get a replacement shield?

    You can get replacement visors for your face shield here: Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

    Is this visor of the heavy duty face shield anti-fog?

    Yes. The face shield visor is treated with a premium anti-fog, anti-scratch coating. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

    How thick is the foam? What's the gap size between the one holds the shield and the one stick on your forehead?

    The thickness of the foam padding is 0.12 inches (0.3cm) and the gap between the headband and the face shield attachment is around 1.06 inches (2.7cm). Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

    Is this shield good for tennis and pickleball?

    Unfortunately, our face shields are not tested to be certified for use in sports at this point. Therefore, we are unable to confirm whether they will work well for such a purpose.
    However, many of our customers use our safety glasses to play pickleball/racquetball as they have impact resistance ANSI or CE ratings.
    Take a look at them here: Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

    Can we buy headband only?

    No, unfortunately, we do not offer our headband separately. However, perhaps in the future, we will be able to offer it separately. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

    Can I wear the face shield over a mask or respirator?

    You can definitely wear it over a mask. When it comes to respirators, it depends on the size as the respirator cartridges may touch the visor. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 139 reviews
    Doug Lane
    Simple assembly process.

    In general, the protection is decent, but it hasn't proven very effective against rocks and pebbles.

    Fantastic mask

    This product fits like a glove and provides excellent coverage over regular safety glasses. I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

    yu mi JUNG
    Solid yet weighty

    I tested out this safety helmet while working on half of my lawn, and I noticed that it felt a bit cumbersome after wearing it for a while. Despite the heaviness, I was impressed by its durability and the level of protection it offered. In general, it's a fantastic option for staying safe, but just be aware that it may feel a bit heavy during lengthy projects.

    Russell Pouncey
    Affordable and Lightweight with Top-notch Quality

    I really appreciate the adjustable headband and the convenient replaceable face shields. It's surprisingly lightweight but durable enough to protect me from splinters and wood chips flying from my saws and chipper. I've only tested it in warm weather, so I can't comment on the anti-fog feature yet.

    Good Customer
    Fantastic facial covering option

    I decided to purchase the NO CRY heavy duty face mask to tackle the fast-growing weeds on my 1.5-acre property in Hawaii that require bi-monthly weed whacking sessions. The first mask I received had a strange line running across the plexiglass shield, but after reaching out to NO CRY, a representative named Raino promptly replaced it within 4-5 days. Their customer service was top-notch.

    I put the new face mask to the test during my usual 2-3 hour weed whacking session and it held up incredibly well. It effectively protected my face from flying rocks and scratches from the powerful string trimmer. What impressed me the most was that it didn't fog up at all. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to not have to constantly deal with a foggy face shield throughout my work. It was a game-changer.

    FaceArmor Pro - NoCry -

    FaceArmor Pro

    From $30.99 $39.89

    Work confidently with cutting-edge features:


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