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6-in-1 Comprehensive Chainsaw Safety Helmet with Advanced Protection


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Color: Orange

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Gear up with confidence for any heavy-duty task:

  • All-in-one forestry helmet featuring a hard hat, metal mesh visor, polycarbonate face shield, and 25.9 dB SNR ear muffs.
  • Balances safety, practicality, and comfort, perfect for tree cutting, firewood chopping, and brush clearing.
  • Versatile for various tasks beyond forestry, including DIY work and outdoor landscaping projects.

        Technical Details

        • Care instructions: Regularly clean with a soft, damp cloth; ensure dry storage
        • Materials: Robust helmet with metal mesh and polycarbonate visors, and noise-reducing ear muffs
        • Adjustability: Customizable headband for head sizes 21.2 in to 24.4 in, with adjustable visor angles and ear muff positions
        • Certifications: ANSI Z87.1-2015
        • Designed for: Utilities, Farming & Forestry

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        • Comprehensive Protection

        • Glasses/Mask Fit

        • Outdoor Versatility

        • Adjustable Fit

        • Safety Tested

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 665 reviews

        I initially assumed both visors were compatible for simultaneous use, but I was mistaken for not inspecting more closely. My primary issue is that the adjusting knob is positioned too near the shell. Having worn comparable safety helmets on construction sites for two decades, I found the knob on this helmet to be the most challenging to maneuver, especially when wearing gloves (although it can still be managed).

        Mark E Andoscia

        Arrived promptly and exactly as described.

        John Permen
        You receive what you invest in.

        Extremely lightweight materials used in construction, but suitable for the price point. If safety is a concern and you prefer higher quality materials, be prepared to shell out three times the amount for a Deere product. For more frequent use, it may be worth considering the larger investment.

        Sarah J
        Great bargain, zero head injuries so far

        I haven't had a chance to remove any logs from the head to confirm, but the fit is good, adjustable, and quite comfortable. I often forget to raise the screen when spitting, but that's on me - the protective screen is easy to adjust while working and not being silly.

        Paula T
        Surpassed My Expectations

        I was thrilled to find that this helmet checked off all the boxes on my list. After researching several options, this was the only one that included both a solid clear face shield and a mesh face shield. Not to mention, it is incredibly comfortable and easy to put on and take off. I noticed a significant decrease in the screeching noise while using a metal cutoff chop saw. I cannot recommend this helmet enough.


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        Gear up with confidence for any heavy-duty task:



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