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Hybrid Pro

Versatile Anti-Fog Safety Goggles/Glasses with Premium Scratch Resistance

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Enhance your work safety with adaptable and durable eye protection:

  • Ergonomically designed frame with a comfortable rubber seal and adjustable headband, easily convertible into standard glasses.
  • Enhanced with Vanguard Plus anti-fog coating, offering superior fog and scratch resistance, plus UV protection.
  • Innovative indirect ventilation reduces fogging while safeguarding against splashes and airborne particles.

Technical Details

  • Care instructions: Regular cleaning with mild soap and water; store in a protective case to maintain longevity
  • Materials: Durable polycarbonate lenses with advanced Vanguard Plus coating
  • Design: Adjustable, versatile frame suitable for a snug fit; can be transformed from goggles to glasses
  • Visibility: Wide-angle, wraparound lenses minimize optical distortion
  • Certifications: ANSI Z87.1-2010
  • Designed for: Landscaping & Gardening, Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, Automotive, Transportation & Warehousing

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  • Soft, Adaptable Seal

  • Fog/Scratch Resistant

  • Convertible

  • Adaptable For Various Conditions

  • Prescription Incompatible

About the product

Can I wear these over my prescription glasses?

No. This model of eye protection is not designed to be worn over prescription glasses. If you’re looking for over the glasses PPE, check out our other models. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

Do they come with one or two pairs?

You will receive one pair of safety glasses that comes with interchangeable arms and an elastic strap, meaning you can wear the same pair as glasses or as goggles. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

How do you switch out between the strap and the regular?

To replace the temples with the strap and vice versa - simply press and hold down on the clip near the frame attachment and pull simultaneously to release. Slide the clip of the strap/temple back on the frame and click in place to attach. Make sure that the L (left) and R (right) markings on the temple attachment correspond with the left and right sides of the goggles. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

Is there a sunglasses version?

Even though these eye protection glasses have clear lenses, the coating protects your eyes from harmful UV radiation up to 380nm, so you can easily wear them in the sun. However, if you are looking for glasses with tinted lenses, unfortunately at this point, we do not have this model available with such a feature. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

Do they keep your eyes from watering when cutting onions?

For the most part, yes. However, they still do have small indirect vents, which means they are not completely sealed, therefore, fumes from the onion may still penetrate the goggles. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

Are these eye protection goggles cleared for the use of chemicals listed under the California Proposition 65 law?

Yes, this model has passed the test implemented, and no warning for the consumer is needed. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 155 reviews
Xavier Arrietta
Excellent fit and quality!

I struggle to find glasses that sit comfortably on my face (usually too loose underneath), but these are adjustable and pivot perfectly to ensure my eyes are fully protected! I would definitely purchase them again - a solid 10 out of 10.

Bryant Payton
Perfect fit

I am in the construction industry and these goggles have been a game-changer for me. While they don't fog up, it's worth noting that there are no vent holes, so the lens can start to condensate from sweat over time. This means you may need to take them off occasionally to wipe the inside. In colder weather, this may need to be done more frequently.

I purchased these goggles after getting concrete debris in my eye while using vented safety glasses. Since switching to these goggles, not a single speck of dust has entered my eyes while drilling concrete. Depending on the temperature, I find myself needing to wipe them down every 5-30 minutes. They may not be the most comfortable option, but I still give them 5 stars because avoiding concrete or metal in the eye is definitely worth it.



Improved Eyewear Upgrade

I had previously bought a different product from another brand, and while it did an alright job, it had a couple of problems that left me feeling unsatisfied. However, I've been using one of these for the past 3-4 months and it's still going strong. I haven't experienced any issues with the nosepieces sticking to my nose or detaching from the glasses. Additionally, the nosepiece frame doesn't pop out of place when I adjust my glasses, and the arms of these glasses are flexible enough to not put any pressure on my temples. I highly recommend giving these a try!

Kyle Kosup
Expertly-crafted, perfectly-fitting eyewear

The design of these goggles is impeccable; they conform to the contours of my face flawlessly, offering exceptional visibility and protection. The lens of the goggles is remarkably transparent, displaying a remarkable level of quality. While a handful of reviewers expressed disappointment regarding the perceived cheapness of these goggles, I must respectfully disagree. As I have only used them briefly, I cannot definitively comment on their scratch resistance. Typically, the rubber seal that creates a barrier against the face tends to deteriorate first in goggles of this kind. However, being a recent purchaser, it is difficult for me to determine the longevity of these goggles. Nevertheless, I can confidently state that this particular aspect of the goggles does not resemble that of previous pairs that wore out prematurely.

Hybrid Pro

From $19.99 $25.89

Enhance your work safety with adaptable and durable eye protection:


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