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CutGuard+ Touch

Touchscreen-Compatible, High-Protection Gloves for Safe, Precise Work


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Seamlessly blend safety with modern convenience:

  • Touchscreen capability in three fingers for uninterrupted device interaction.
  • High level of cut resistance with a high-tech blend of durable materials.
  • All-day comfort with a lightweight, breathable design that's easy to clean.

Technical Details

  • Care instructions: Machine wash gentle, air dry
  • Materials: Advanced blend of polyethylene, glass fiber, spandex, nylon, and conductive fibers
  • Design: Ambidextrous, fitting both hands with ease
  • Desigend for: Transportation & Warehousing, Construction, Food Processing

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  • Touchscreen-Friendly

  • Level 5 Resistance

  • Breathable, lightweight fabric

  • Perfect Fit

  • Versatile

  • Food safe

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Tested these out before gifting to my wife.

Purchased these for my wife because she kept injuring her hands. Unfortunately, I don't believe she has taken advantage of them. These are truly a fantastic product, and my wife is missing out on their benefits.

bill brenneck
it suits perfectly

they kept your hands safe and secure

Budget-friendly - gets it done.

I've purchased these gloves for myself before, but this time I got a pair for my daughter to protect her hands while she plays the mandolin.

Disappointing Choice

The touch screen capability of these gloves falls short of expectations. As someone who uses my phone frequently throughout the day, I found that these gloves did not meet my needs. They were not effective for tasks like ramming my fingers through cardboard, and I often found myself getting cut. Additionally, I experienced issues with typing, as every other letter seemed to be missed due to finicky conductivity. The gloves also caused a loss of grip, leading to frequent drops and potential safety hazards. While my overall experience was subjective and may have been influenced by using the gloves for the wrong tasks, the main issue remains the lack of reliable touch screen functionality. For a product marketed for touch screens, it should perform better in that regard.



CutGuard+ Touch - NoCry -

CutGuard+ Touch

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Seamlessly blend safety with modern convenience:


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