Protective Safety Goggles

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Protective Safety Goggles

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✔Safety goggles for Splash and dust protection.

Protect your eyes from chemical splashes, liquid splashes, airborne particles, and germs with these ANSI-rated impact protection goggles.

✔ All-day comfort.

Made with soft and flexible (yet strong) plastic, these safety goggles hug your face and keep debris out even with prescription eyewear. Designed to fit adjustable elastic headband keeps them safely in place and makes them suitable for both men and women.

✔ Fit over prescription glasses.

Wear your impact resistance protective eye goggles over glasses with prescription or sunglasses. Get 99% UV protection, no matter where you are. Consult the size guide under the product images to find the right fit.

Technical Detail

Product Details

Clear visibility in all directions. The wraparound design and clear, reinforced Polycarbonate lenses make it easy to see in any direction.

Scratch-resistant eye goggles for extreme conditions. Wear them while you’re working on a construction site to protect you from the dust and debris or protect yourself from chemical splashes and liquid particles in the lab. Because they are safety work goggles that fit over glasses, you can use your glasses for better sight and field of vision.

NB! We stand behind every product we make. If these protective safety goggles do not work as promised, drop a message to , and we’ll make it right or your money back.


Wear these protective Safety goggles for eye projection when you are:

Working in a lab and protecting your eyes from chemical splashes and liquid particles
Working on construction – including cutting metal, concrete, and sheetrock
Mowing the lawn and keeping dust, bits, and grass out of your eyes
Going to the shooting range
Working in the medical field – in nursing, dentistry, or EMS

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Don’t wear these eye goggles for eye protection if you are:

Switching between environments with drastically different temperatures: These eye goggles aren’t vented. They don’t breathe. So even though they’ve got anti-fog coating, if you switch temperatures rapidly they may fog up.
Doing something that involves heat – like welding. These protective goggles are not suitable for any kind of heat exposure.
Doing anything that exposes your eyes to harmful or infrared radiation.

Before doing anything we advise you to read the product user instructions.