Over Glasses Safety Glasses

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Technical Details

Product Details

Material: Latex free polycarbonate
Lenses: Clear, with scratch resistant coating
UV protection: 400nm (nanometers)
PPE field of view: >40°
Max temple arm length: 5”
Max nose bridge diameter: 1”
Total frame width across the front: 5.7”
Max frame height: 1.77” in the center
Weight: 0.083lbs

Oh, and your over glasses safety glasses come with a personal guarantee. If the NoCry otg Safety Glasses do not work as promised, drop a message to wecare@nocry.com and we’ll make it right or your money back

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Before doing anything we advise you to read the product user instructions.


✔ Fit comfortably over most prescription glasses and readers without feeling heavy.

Each arm is cushioned with soft rubberized material so that your ears don’t feel weird with two sets of glasses pressing down on them. And you can extend or shorten the arms so they fit your head. And the molded nosepiece sits lightly on the bridge of your nose so it doesn’t add extra pressure.

✔ Scratch-resistant so you don’t have to buy a new pair every time you accidentally drop them.

We coated the lenses with anti-scratch treatment, so you can always see your work clearly. (And you can keep seeing clearly even if you have to chuck them in your toolkit or drop them on the floor again…)

✔ UV 400 protection.

So you don’t have to wear sunglasses over your over glasses safety glasses. (Because that would be a lot of glasses…)

Impact-resistant for real protection. You wear otg safety glasses to protect your eyes from injury from flying debris, dirt, dust, chemical splashes, or spills. And that’s exactly what these over glasses safety glasses do. ( They’ve got the OSHA approval and ANSI Z87 and CSA Z94.3 safety certifications to prove it).

Are they comfortable enough to wear all day?

According to hundreds of customer reviews, these safety glasses are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. Their lightweight construction and soft rubber nose piece mean they are unobstructive and sit gently on your face. They won’t feel bulky or awkward even after hours and hours at the workshop or construction site, operating room, school or university science lab, shooting range, or on the court.

Wear them (almost) anywhere. If you’re wondering if you can use these for… Woodworking? Carpentry? Metalwork? Construction work? Lab work? Dental work? Chemistry classes? Shooting? Anything that requires PPE eyewear? The answer is 100% YES. (The only place we wouldn’t wear them is the shower… or maybe a wedding.)

Since these glasses are clear, how do they keep your eyes safe from UV light?

It’s all about the 400nm UV protection lens coating – the highest industry standard for all UV protection in clear PPE eyewear lenses. Shield your eyes from not only 90-100% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation rays, but also UV light emitted by artificial light sources. To safeguard this coating, and get the best out of your glasses, gently clean the lenses with a microfiber cloth, and store in the NoCry protective case (sold separately) when not in use. Avoid using rough cloths or household glass cleaner, as these can scratch and damage the coating, defeating the point.

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