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Safety goggles are essential PPE

Safety goggles are essential PPE - NoCry

Raino Raasuke |

In the strange age of covid-19 that we are living in, PPE has been at the forefront of many people’s minds. Beyond the masks worn by the average, considerate member of the public, those who earn a living in high-exposure workplaces must take extra precautions. PPE eye protection is becoming more and more commonplace in the field of healthcare – and for good reason.

While vaccinations seem to be having a positive effect on the rate of infection, stronger, more contagious variants of coronavirus are being discovered regularly. Everyone could afford to defend themselves a little more, even those of us in good health, but for those who could potentially come into contact with the virus regularly, goggles for covid protection are clearly becoming an essential part of PPE, and here’s why.

Why Safety Goggles?

It may seem strange or even diffuse to use PPE eyewear against a mostly respiratory virus, however recent studies are showing it can transfer in more ways than were originally thought. When a sufferer of covid coughs, sneezes, or even talks, they are releasing thousands of tiny particles that can, and likely are carrying the virus. If these particles get into your nose or mouth you are at risk of catching it too, but it could also transfer to you through your eyes.

Our eyeballs and the backs of our eyelids are coated in a thin film called conjunctiva, which is itself fairly susceptible to injection. Conjunctivitis or ‘pink eye’ is a common infection of the conjunctiva, as well as recently being discovered as a common symptom of covid-19. In fact, thousands of symptom reports indicate there is a definite link between eye infections and covid, so some strong protective goggles are a must-have for anyone at a high risk of exposure, such as doctors, nurses, and care workers.

What Do I Need From Safety Goggles?

Safety goggles with head band

While it is clear that safety goggles, or some form of protective eyewear should be a part of a solid PPE plan, it can be hard to know what kind of goggles are going to be right for your workplace. Total protection is indeed the name of the game, but there are other issues of practicality that come into play, such as comfort, weight, clarity of vision and more.

Here’s a list of everything that you should get from your safety goggles, for the best possible defense, as well as working practicality:

  • Comprehensive protection ‒ Nothing gets in or out of the goggles, with total defense from any outside bacteria, viruses, or debris.
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses ‒ This allows for uncompromised vision and protection in a number of potential contingencies.
  • All day comfort ‒ Goggles shouldn’t feel uncomfortable and leave pressure marks on your face, especially if you have to wear them all day. This means adjustable straps/arms, breathability, soft padding, etc.

Of course, protection from infection, and from potential eye injury can be achieved with run-of-the-mill, chunky safety goggles, however, we feel that if these are going to become a part of your daily working gear, then they should really do a little bit more for you.

And don’t think just because you wear prescription glasses, you can’t or don’t need to wear safety goggles. Studies show that standard eyeglasses do offer some protection from the virus, but without the lenses properly wrapping around the eyes it’s impossible to achieve full guarding. Wearing safety goggles over glasses might sound uncomfortable, but thankfully, there are plenty of suitable options on the market.

Which Safety Goggles Should I Buy?

Now that you know how important safety goggles are for a well-rounded PPE strategy, and what a good set of eyewear should offer us, you may be wondering where you can find a pair that can cover all the bases. Luckily at NOCRY, we have a number of durable, comfortable, and stylish options for protective eyewear on offer, perfect as PPE for healthcare staff, as well as chemistry lab workers, carpenters, and engineers alike! Let’s have a closer look at the range.

Lightweight Safety Goggles

ppe eye protection

Simple but effective, the panoramic lenses on these goggles are treated with vanguard plus for 5x higher fog resistance, and 2x higher scratch resistance than your average goggles. They are also made from a soft TPR frame that molds itself to your face, and an adjustable elastic headband for total protection, and comfort when wearing.

6×1 Safety Glasses

safety goggles

The best of both worlds. With adjustable arms, and an option to swap for an elastic headband, this anti-fog and anti-scratch glasses/goggle hybrid are perfect for any work environment. And they feature an indirect ventilation system that allows your eyes to breathe without the risk of any debris or moisture getting through.

62OU Safety Goggles

safety goggles over glasses

These goggles are made with a soft silicone frame and latex strap, to conform to your face for total comfort. The panoramic lenses are made with indirect ventilation technology and fit over your prescription glasses. No need to choose between clarity and protection!

6×3 Safety Goggles

goggles for covid

These goggles feature a UDC coating, making them fog and scratch-resistant even in the most hostile of work environments. The frame and headband adhere to your face and cheekbones for comfort, while the panoramic, indirectly vented lenses offer full protection, even over prescription glasses.

Final Thoughts

Adapting to a post-covid world is tough for everyone, but it’s much harder when you’re at higher risk of catching the virus. Protective eyewear is an excellent way to protect against infection, as well as of course being utterly essential in various other practical lines of work.

Feel like you could use a little more protection? Check out our full line of safety glasses & goggles