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Cut Resistant Gloves

$ 11.49

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Superior protection against sharp blades that doesn’t sacrifice on comfort.

You don’t need to choose between protection and gloves that feel great against your skin. Made with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, glass fiber and spandex, our cut resistant gloves are:

  • 4x stronger than leather with EN388 level 5 cut protection (best on the market);
  • Extremely comfortable and snug (perfect for fiddly tasks).

The perfect choice for the kitchen and beyond.

Slip these gloves on whenever you’re using your favorite kitchen knife, mandolin or cheese grater. They’re 100% food safe, extremely easy to clean, and way less messy than nicking yourself. And they’re great for fiddly tasks like whittling or woodcarving.

Completely ambidextrous design that fits like a second skin.

Never wonder which glove fits where: just slip them on over either hand. Plus, they come in five sizes for a perfect fit: to get the right pair for you, just measure your palm diameter and middle finger length and compare the numbers to the size chart.

Machine washable and easy to look after.

Done with your gloves? Just toss them in the washing machine with some mild detergent and put them on a cool cycle. After you’re done, hang them up to drip dry. It’s that easy!

They’re ambidextrous. Your time is better spent preparing delicious meals, not figuring out which cut resistant gloves goes on which hand, so we’ve made these ones ambidextrous. Problem solved. Next?

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