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Comfortable, All-Around Safety Goggles with Enhanced Clarity and Protection


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Elevate your safety gear with features designed for comfort and performance:

  • Ergonomic TPR frame snugly fits your face, providing protection from splashes, debris, and UV rays for both indoor and outdoor tasks.
  • Enhanced with premium anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating, these goggles maintain crystal-clear vision and durability.
  • Smart indirect ventilation system minimizes fogging while protecting against dust and droplets.

Technical Details

  • Care instructions: Regularly clean with a soft cloth; store in a case to protect the coatings
  • Materials: Durable polycarbonate lenses with a flexible TPR frame
  • Ventilation: Angled vents designed for optimal airflow and protection
  • Vision: Panoramic lenses for a wide field of view without compromising peripheral vision
    Certifications: ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2020
    Designed for: Landscaping & Gardening, Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, Automotive, Transportation & Warehousing

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Warranty & Instructions

We stand behind the quality of our products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If your NoCry gear experiences any defects or doesn’t perform as intended at any time, we’ll make it right by sending you a free replacement product or giving you a full refund.

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  • Comfort Fit

  • Anti-Fog Plus

  • Adjustable Headband

  • Panoramic Vision

  • DIY Suitable

Customer Reviews

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buddy worrel
Accommodates spectacles

When it comes to lawn care and leaf mulching, eye protection is an absolute must. It's crucial to keep your eyes safe from flying debris and potential hazards while working in the yard. Don't forget to prioritize your safety and invest in a good pair of protective goggles before tackling any outdoor tasks. Your eyes will thank you!

Fantastic goggles!

I recently tried out these goggles while power washing, and I must say they exceeded my expectations. Despite my concerns about potential fogging or leaking, these goggles kept water out and remained clear throughout the entire task. Not only were they comfortable to wear, but the clarity and range of view were exceptional. I highly recommend these goggles for any household tasks - they are a great product that won't disappoint!

Flawless Safety Glasses

Attention college students in need of reliable goggles for your chemistry lab - look no further! After trying out multiple brands that all ended up breaking, I stumbled upon these gems and have no intention of switching anytime soon. These goggles not only remain fog-free, but also effectively protect my eyes from harmful fumes while working with dangerous chemicals. They easily pass my lab inspection, are incredibly comfortable, and leave minimal goggle lines. And the best part? They are budget-friendly! While I'm sure they have a variety of other practical uses (such as chopping wood or post-eye surgery), these anti-scratch goggles are a fantastic choice for anyone in need of durable eye protection.

Excellent eyewear

I didn't experience any sweat or fogging issues while wearing these goggles. The fit was excellent and they were extremely comfortable. Overall, I would highly recommend these goggles - they're fantastic!

Alejandro Garrido

if they become foggy


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Elevate your safety gear with features designed for comfort and performance:


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