Puncture Resistant Gardening Gloves

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Puncture Resistant Gardening Gloves

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Technical Details

Product Details

Material – Leather, Goatskin and cow leather
Color – White & Red, White & Gray
Recommended Uses For Product – Gardening
Special Feature – Puncture Proof

Finally… tackle those pruning and weeding jobs you hate without the scrapes, scratches, and irritated skin

NB! We stand behind every product we make. If the NoCry Leather Gardening Gloves do not work as promised, drop a message to wecare@nocry.com and we’ll make it right or your money back.


Don’t go into the garden without these goatskin leather gloves.

Protect your hands from errant thorns and prickly weeds with a pair of snug gardening gloves. Thanks to the reinforced, double layer of goatskin leather at the palms and fingertips, your most vulnerable areas get to stay safe from rogue rose and blackberry bushes.

All natural, all leather gloves that protect your hands and arms.

Leather is one of nature’s best protectors. That’s why we used soft, durable 100% goatskin leather for the hands and hard-wearing cow split leather for the flared Canadian-style gauntlets. This way, you’re covered from all angles.

A snug, comfortable glove that helps you keep your dexterity.

When you’re gardening, you need to expertly handle shears and gently prune plants. That’s why you need gloves that feel like second skin and enhance your hands’ natural flexibility. These gloves are so comfortable and breathable, you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them.

We’ve got the right size for everyone.

You need gloves that fit like… a glove. That’s why we’ve got 4 different sizes to choose from: to get the right pair, just measure your palm diameter and middle finger length and compare the numbers to the size chart.

They’re made for heavy-duty work. With the quality materials, double layers, and double stitching, these babies will endure months and months of heavy use. They are Great thorn-proof gardening gloves for men and women.


Can you use them for… Trimming roses? Pruning brush and hedges? Pulling weeds and thistles? Working with cactuses or Poison Ivy? 100% YES. for these leather gardening Gloves

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