Face Shield with Vented, Panoramic Goggles

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Face Shield with Vented, Panoramic Goggles

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Wear full face, durable PPE and stay comfortable all day long

Need extreme protection in the lab, at the construction site or in the busy, stressful world of healthcare? This face mask and goggles combo might be just what you’ve been searching for. The joined unit protects you against extreme temperatures and high speed particles (120 m/s) keeping splashes, sneezes, and debris away. (You can even wear a light dust or medical mask underneath.)

Hard working, durable anti-scratch, anti-fog safety goggles

The goggles are treated with an exclusive UDC coating that keeps lenses from fogging up on the inside, and protects them from scratches on the outside. This helps your PPE last longer.

The protective set fits over your prescription glasses

The goggles easily fit over your prescription glasses without causing discomfort. As the shield connects directly to the goggles you can wear the whole thing over your eyewear.

Full face PPE in line with ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 standards

Both the face shield attachment and the partner goggles (sold separately) are ANSI Z97.1 certified. The face shield also meets CSA Z94.3 standards.