Reinforced Thorn-Proof Gardening Gloves for Increased Protection


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Color: Red

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Superior puncture resistance and 2x more protection than regular gardening gloves:

  • Reinforced leather makes these gloves near puncture-proof, keeping your hands safe.
  • Soft and supple goatskin leather offers heavy-duty protection with the flexibility to handle shears and move your fingers with ease.
  • Designed for both men and women, these gloves meet the challenges of gardening work, whether you're a hobbyist or a professional landscaper.

Technical Details

Care Instructions: Wipe clean and air dry

Materials: Durable goatskin leather & long cow split leather cuffs

Designed for: Landscaping & Gardening

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  • Comfortable and durable goatskin

  • Extended cuff

  • Reinforced fingertips and palms

About the product

Are they heat resistant?

No, these gardening gloves are not heat-resistant. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

Can I use them with handling blackberry bushes and thorny plants?

These gardening gloves are puncture resistant, but not puncture proof. This means that there is a possibility that some thorns can still get through the leather. Should you have more questions, send us a message at

Are they water resistant?

No, they are not. As the material is made from goat leather, water removes the natural oils in the leather. Should you have more questions, let us know at We would be happy to assist you.

Are they stretchable?

They might stretch a bit, but we would suggest getting the gloves that are just the right size from our size chart. If it happens that they are too big or too small, send us a message at and we will assist you further.

Can the gloves withstand puncture from barbed wires?

While these leather gardening gloves are puncture resistant, that doesn’t mean that they are puncture proof. So there is a possibility that barbed wire can get through the leather. Should you have more questions, send us a message at

Are they washable?

Use a dry suede brush to remove dust and dirt from your gloves. If they need a deep clean, wash them with a ph-neutral soap and lukewarm water and drip dry. Don’t forget to condition them with leather conditioner — this will preserve the natural oils and help your gloves last. Should you have more questions, reach out to us directly.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Formiller
Customer service

I had picked the wrong size because it was a gift. I was able to email and got a very quick response. They got the new size on the way so fast. Great company to deal with. Highly recommend

Hi Andrew,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive experience with us!

Our priority is customer service and we are ecstatic that we met that mark! Kind people like you make our job such a pleasure.

Should you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to us at

Best wishes,
Raino from NoCry

Terrific gloves that exceeded expectations!

I had concerns about the cleanliness of the "white" gloves, but to my surprise, they effectively repel dirt and maintain their impeccable appearance! These gloves offer exceptional comfort and long-lasting durability. Without a doubt, I will re-purchase these gloves if the need for additional pairs arises!

D. Partington
Top-notch gloves for tough gardening tasks

I've experimented with several so-called "durable gardening gloves" in hopes of effectively tackling the challenge of uprooting brambles and other thorny plants, but to no avail. However, my luck changed when I invested in a pair of these gloves..... Absolutely outstanding! I've easily eradicated hundreds of brambles from their roots (the only way to halt their growth), and these gloves have endured an incredible amount of abuse and consistently bounce back for more! Moreover, the customer service provided by this company is truly remarkable should you encounter any issues. I cannot emphasize enough how highly I recommend them :-).

Definitely worth every penny!

Worth every penny - absolutely!!!!!!!!

Anika S.
Great Fit

Ich fühle mich sicher und behütet.



Superior puncture resistance and 2x more protection than regular gardening gloves:



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