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Safety Sunglasses

$ 12.99

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Technical Details

Product Details

Color – Tinted Black & Red
Style – Safety Sunglasses
Frame Material – Rubber
Lens Material – Polycarbonate

NB! We stand behind every product we make. If the NoCry Safety Sunglasses do not work as promised, drop a message to  and we’ll make it right or your money back.

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Before doing anything we advise you to read the product user instructions.

Product Description

✔They're impact resistant.

The main purpose of safety shades is to protect your eyes against injury from flying debris, dirt, dust, chemical splashes, or spills - and these do just that (with an EN166 Safety Certification to go with it).

✔They're tinted & don't scratch.

We've tinted the lenses and coated them with an anti-scratch - working or playing sports outside should not come with light blindness or distorted vision.

✔They're probably the best-looking tinted safety glasses on the market.

Who said that comfort or style should be compromised for protection? Not us. So we designed these with people with arguably the best fashion sense - Italians.

They’re fully adjustable.
The side and nose pieces on the work sunglasses are non-slip and fully adjustable to fit any face type or head size perfectly, comfortably, and securely.

They protect against UV radiation.
Yes, we took another step further with these and designed these tinted safety glasses to keep your eyes safe from 90-100% of harmful UV radiation.

Can they be used as… Cycling? Running? Tennis? Construction sunglasses? Any time when you need to wear PPE eyewear while being exposed to bright light? 100% YES for our work sunglasses

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