Rain Fly Lightweight Camping Tarp 12x10ft

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Rain Fly Lightweight Camping Tarp 12x10ft

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Product Description


This 10x10 camping tarp is made out of 210T polyester coated with TPU. But don’t let the lightweight material fool you: the Diamond Ripstop offers heavy-duty weather protection.


Protect yourself from rain, wind, and snow with this dirt-resistant, waterproof rain tarp. Suspend it above ground like a hammock cover. Or use it as a tent groundcover, a windbreaker, backpacking tarp, or survival tent.


It’s a backpacker’s dream. The rainfly itself weighs just 1.65lb and the whole kit comes at around two pounds. That’s less than a large bottle of water. Setting up a shelter is easy too: just clip the carabiners, connect the ropes and you’re ready to go. The tarp is also easy to fold, dry, clean and maintain.

Technical Details

Product Details

Meet your survival sidekick. This Military Grade 5-in-1 survival kit bracelet has almost everything you need to thrive in any environment. So what’s in the bracelet? A compass, a whistle, flint, a small knife, and paracord.

The compass will help you find your way home when your phone’s battery dies. The whistle will help you scare animals off and let people know where you are. (It’s also much more efficient than shouting.) The flint and small scraper knife tool gives you everything you need to start a fire and make a hot cup of coffee. And finally, you can use 10.5FT of military grade paracord to set traps, tie things to your backpack, or even make an impromptu washing line.

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ENJOY FULL UV PROTECTION. This versatile rain fly doesn’t just protect you from storms. It protects you (and your equipment) from the sun too. Our camping tarp provides shade and shelter. Use this ultralight tarp for camping, fishing, travelling, or festivals.

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THE GEAR YOU NEED IN ONE PLACE. Comes with 1 rainfly tarp, 6 aluminium stakes with orange reflective paracord ties, 6 carabiners, 7 adjustable ropes, 1 sack for the ropes and poles and 1 carrying pouch for all your gear. Just pack them together and put them in your bag. And, as a bonus, we’ve added a survival bracelet too!

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