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    Cut Resistant Gloves

    All Cut Resistant Gloves

    NoCry cut resistant gloves are crafted to protect your hands against accidental cuts and nicks when working with knives, slicers, or other sharp tools. They are highly elastic and lightweight, meaning you can do precision demanding tasks without loss of dexterity and comfort. They are 100% safe to use with food.

    Safety Glasses

    All Safety Glasses

    Designed in Italy, NoCry safety glasses are highly adjustable and fit well on all faces thanks to their trendy and lightweight wraparound design. The glasses contain both anti-fog and anti-scratch lens offering excellent protection on all sides.

    Knee Pads

    All Knee Pads
    NoCry knee pads are serious knee savers! They strike the perfect balance between firmness and comfort. Two adjustable straps stay put and hold the PVC caps in place, while the gel cushion and padding protect your knees from hard surfaces like concrete and tile. It's like kneeling on a pillow.

    Heat Resistant Gloves

    All Heat Resistant Gloves

    NoCry Silicone Oven Mitts aren’t bulky, inflexible or hard to use. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how little heat you feel when lifting a scalding pot or hot tray out of the oven.

    NoCry Welding & BBQ gloves are perfect for welding, cooking, BBQ, grilling, and many other tasks. Heat resistant and flame retardant treated leather makes these gloves ideal for handling hot barbeque tools, coals, welding gear and sharp objects.