Announcing A New Product Line

We’re launching our latest product in addition to our extremely popular cut resistant gloves that were launched 5 years ago. The NoCry SuperCut with Rubber Grip Dots are now on sale through our Amazon listing and have already garnered five star reviews from buyers:

Available in small, medium and large the latest design offers a unique blend of Stainless Steel threads, High-Performance Polyethylene, Glass fiber, Spandex and Nylon, making these gloves extremely tough and durable, whilst still offering a great level of breathability, comfort, and dexterity.

Our existing gloves offered protection from nicks, cuts, blades and sharp edges, but wearing them at times sacrificed grip when it came to handling awkward objects. Our latest version increases the grip and cut resistance, making these gloves a great product for those working in landscaping, woodworking, cooking and construction industries.

About NoCry Safety Gear
Launched 5 years ago, our initial product was only confined to being used in heavy industry. We figured that cut resistant gloves could be fantastic for domestic use too, targeting a niche in the market. In cooperation with universities we developed the first NoCry gloves to be touch responsive yet protective, while still being thin, lightweight and comfortable to wear. For home users comfort is a very important aspect and remains core to our product design.

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