Comfortable, All-Around Safety Goggles with Enhanced Clarity and Protection


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Elevate your safety gear with features designed for comfort and performance:

  • Ergonomic TPR frame snugly fits your face, providing protection from splashes, debris, and UV rays for both indoor and outdoor tasks.
  • Enhanced with premium anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating, these goggles maintain crystal-clear vision and durability.
  • Smart indirect ventilation system minimizes fogging while protecting against dust and droplets.

Technical Details

  • Care instructions: Regularly clean with a soft cloth; store in a case to protect the coatings
  • Materials: Durable polycarbonate lenses with a flexible TPR frame
  • Ventilation: Angled vents designed for optimal airflow and protection
  • Vision: Panoramic lenses for a wide field of view without compromising peripheral vision Certifications: ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2020 Designed for: Landscaping & Gardening, Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, Automotive, Transportation & Warehousing

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Warranty & Instructions

We stand behind the quality of our products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If your NoCry gear experiences any defects or doesn’t perform as intended at any time, we’ll make it right by sending you a free replacement product or giving you a full refund.

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  • Comfort Fit

  • Anti-Fog Plus

  • Adjustable Headband

  • Panoramic Vision

  • DIY Suitable

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Wilfried Bechtle
Does what it's supposed to do.

Ideal für Menschen, die eine Sehhilfe benötigen. Das Schneiden von Zwiebeln stellt nun kein Hindernis mehr dar.

J. Bishop

Avoid this product as it does not adhere well to your face and has a significant issue with fogging up.

No misting! Exceptionally cozy!

I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of fogging even after using them continuously for 8 hours! The strap provided a comfortable fit and was effortless to use and adjust. Amazingly, I was able to wear them over my glasses without any discomfort. These goggles went above and beyond what I expected in terms of performance while I tackled cleaning and dusting tasks. As someone with severe dust mite allergies, I've often suffered from swollen, red, and itchy eyelids after dusting. However, with these goggles, I experienced none of those symptoms. It was my first time using goggles, and I must say, they were so comfortable that I even forgot I had them on my face at times.

Shielding from urban breezes, less effective against insect invasion.

I got this product specifically for my mountain biking adventures. It effectively shields me from the grime of the city while riding in San Francisco. However, it falls short when it comes to protecting me from the countless swarms of bugs on mountainous routes. It can be quite risky if a bug manages to get trapped inside, requiring me to halt and remove the insect before continuing.

Karen O.
Exceptional customer support

I must say, the first set of goggles I bought didn't quite fit my head as snugly as I had hoped (apparently, my head is on the narrower side). However, I reached out to the folks at NoCry, and Raino was incredibly helpful. He promptly provided me with details about alternative goggles that might suit me better. To my delight, Raino even went the extra mile and sent me a different, smaller pair that fit like a dream!

While I haven't had the chance to actually use these goggles yet, I can already tell that the quality is top-notch. The seal around the edges is a fantastic feature, ensuring that no pesky particles floating in the air can harm my precious eyes. Trust me, if you're on the hunt for a pair of safety goggles that are both reliable and of exceptional quality, these should definitely be at the top of your list.


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Elevate your safety gear with features designed for comfort and performance:


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