Common materials used in knee pads

Common materials used in knee pads - NoCry

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When it comes to knee pads for work, there are many different forms they can come in, often using different materials with their own benefits and drawbacks. The softest knee pads may be more comfortable but might not offer the most comprehensive protection, while a pair of metal knee pads might be extra safe but feel constrictive.

Understanding the different materials used in knee pads is a good step toward picking the perfect pair for your personal requirements, so we put together this blog to shine a light on some of the most common materials used, and what they’re used for.

Padding Materials

When it comes to knee pads, one of the most important aspects is the padding on the inner lining of them. This padding will be a large part of what makes a knee pad comfortable and protective or otherwise, and there are a few materials that dominate the industry.

Foam: Foam padding is one of the most common forms used in knee pads, being known as a comfortable and breathable padding material. However, foam isn’t the most durable material and can suffer from pretty significant wear and tear over time.

Gel: Gels and double gels are very popular amongst manufacturers and buyers these days, offering a more long-lasting, flexible level of padding than foam alone. Gel padding is often used in conjunction with foam for the best possible effect.

Rubber: Rubber and silicone knee pads are fairly common, but in these cases, the material may be used over the entirety of the pad, rather than just the internal lining. Silicone and rubber knee pads can be comfortable and ergonomic, but not the most protective.

Capping Materials

Beyond the inner lining and padding used in knee pads, the material used in the exterior cap is also a key to how effective a knee pad will be. This will be the first line of defense against the surface you’re kneeling on and anything that may sit on top of it.

Soft Caps: Soft capped knee pads will feature caps made from foam, rubber, and soft materials similar to those found in the knee pad’s inner padding. Soft capped knee pads are comfy and practical, especially for gardening and household tasks, but not generally used in construction.

Hard Caps: Hard capped knee pads are generally made of either carbon fiber or some sort of plastic, such as polyvinyl. These caps are more commonly found on construction sites, being used for harder surfaces like rooves and concrete floors for their added protective value.

Where to Go?

Now that you have a better idea of the common materials used in different types of knee pads, it’s time to find the pair that will suit your needs best. Do you need the best protection for your knees on a worksite or are you more inclined toward finding the most comfortable knee pads for working in your garden? Either way, consider getting your knee pads from NoCry, where we stock a wide selection of different knee pads for different needs, ranging from fully foam gardening knee pads to durable knee pads for work.

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